You know the saying, today is the first day of the rest of your life? Well…for me, that could not be more true!

Actually, though, I see this as Day 0 of the rest of my life. Day 1 starts tomorrow. The first day after the day I left my steady job with steady pay and steady benefits (ugh…everything was so steady!) to pursue my dreams of being a real writer, a storyteller, a traveler. Who does that? Who risks that? Who thinks this is a good idea???

I guess…me. I do. And I’m smiling like the Cheshire cat all the way to the…blog!

I’ll be 41 years old in a few weeks. So far I’ve lived a somewhat safe life. I’ve raised a beautiful daughter, met lots of amazing people, done a couple of thrilling things. But I want more! I’m on a fantasy-finding pursuit. And, as crazy as some of you think I am, I know the journey I’ve embarked upon is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

I invite you to come along. I’m going to try to post daily about my goings-on. If you care, read about my ups and my other ups! Alright, there will certainly be downs, and I intend to report on those as well, but I’m really looking forward to sharing the moments of delightenment. (Yes, delightenment. C’mon, really? It ain’t hard, put the two words together and you get what I mean.)

Here’s the deal: I’d been at a job I didn’t really enjoy for 10 years. I could have continued on for a few more, but the idea of that made me…cry. And so, I’m pursuing my passions. Wow! The idea of that…I’ve just never felt more alive! If you love me, you won’t worry. You’ll smile and support me and revel in my newfound reality. (And call me an insane nut-job only behind my back.)

Time’s a wastin’. If you’re waiting for your dreams to find their way to you? Don’t. Wrap yourself up in your crazy pashmina and go get them.

Til tomorrow!