Today, my self-employment really sunk in. In large part because I returned a pager to my former employer, and the HR lady — with whom I’ve worked for YEARS — wouldn’t let me use the office restroom. She escorted me out of the building with a clipped “goodbye” and a Halloween-y smile.

Yes, Charlotte has definitely left the building. And she won’t ever look back.

So, today was productive for a Friday! I made some mental lists, jotted down some mental notes — just really got mental about what I’m up to here. Sounds…mental, I know, but the action begins in earnest tomorrow with some calendar building, mass e-mailing and network…networking.

And, one of the more exciting moves I made today — I took a friend up on her offer to supply some free hypnotherapy sessions! Time to start tinkering about with my brain in hopes of hammering out lumps of old habit and blasting off moldy spores of stinkin’ thinkin’.

(Ok wait Char that sounds a lot like a lobotomy but it sounded poetic too so keep writing and they won’t even pick up on that…)

Yes, hi! Ok, stay tuned. Absolute fabulousness is afoot.

Til tomorrow!