A writer must write! And, to write, it is highly necessary that a writer actually see what she’s writing! So…knowing that the health, vision and dental insurance my former employer supplied me with was to expire today, I was elated when a good friend of mine suggested, out of the blue, we go look at glasses. (My current glasses are about 5 years old and very bend-y. {When it comes to lots of things, bend-y is good. Glasses aren’t typically supposed to be bend-y. But, I digress.}) Knowing that all my insurances expire today, we fled to Barton Creek Square Mall and…loooooong story very short…I have new glasses! New glasses for new Charlotte! Such a sign of the success to come. Sight. Clarity. Vision!

But, the very best part of it all — and I know it shouldn’t be — after years of working for other people for far less than I think I was really worth, I was able to take advantage of my vision insurance at the very last possible moment. Not to gloat about sticking it to The Man, but I made sure to get the full eye exam PLUS the costliest frames I could find (up to what the insurance allowed, of course.) It was wonderful poetic justice. My good friend and I see that 11th hour eye glasses purchase as an indisputable act of legitimate corporate financial rape!

(Yeah, you had to be there. You had to be US.)

Wait til you see my new Chelsea Morgan eyeglasses. They’re spectacular!

Til tomorrow!