My first weekend after leaving my steady job was magical. Saturday was carefree and fun (and I got my new glasses, of course, an indication to me that for the first time in a long time I’m beginning to see life and my purpose more clearly.) Today was cathartic. I daytripped in exquisite Texas hill country; blue skies, rocky trails, trees and brush every color of green imaginable. And chance meetings with people who reinforced my belief that as many stories that have been told, there will always, always be more stories to tell.

Tomorrow is Monday. I plan to hit the ground running. I need to fire on all cylinders. I need to push myself harder than I ever have before.


Or maybe I simply need to do what has always come naturally to me to do. I’ve never believed so deeply that the road I’ve taken is paved with yellow brick the Universe laid out for me long ago. It just took me a while to stumble upon it. Sparkly ruby slippers not required; I want to remain in vivid technicolor.

Time now for bed, because tomorrow I continue in earnest to fill in the words of my own story. How lovely is that? I’m a writer who’s creating this awesome opportunity to tell her very own tale through the telling of others’. I’m in love with that.

Til tomorrow!