I’ve got a new best friend! She’s black. Very hard around the edges. Craves input and quite frequently puts out. Her name’s Lenovo. And she and I spent all day together.

No. Lenovo’s not some slutty woman of color. Nor, as some of you amateur comics (you know who you are) would attempt to suggest via the art of quip, she is not my alter ego, mirror image or less obstinate, more demure doppleganger. She’s my laptop computer (although, I bet there is a loose sista named Lenovo somewhere in Dallas…um, digress.)

My Lenovo and I were inseparable today; after I turned her on (hee hee) we ordered business cards, sent out e-mails, surfed like mad girls for freelance writing jobs (which, by the way, are available to the plethora of galorĂ©!) But then, what had happened was, Lenovo said she wanted to watch The Talk so I had to stop all the hard work I was doing and go turn on the TV for her. And, she had the nerve to tell me she wanted a waffle with warm syrup on it, too! Lego my Eggo, Lenovo…I gots stuff to do! Ooooh, they’re talking about 22-year-old Taylor Swift and her 18-year-old boyfriend breaking up? Ok, let’s take a little break…

No, no, no! To succeed, I will have to learn to organize my day, budget my time and stick to a schedule. Not my suits of strength. But I’ve got my motley new crew of co-workers on which to rely: Slutty Lenovo, Huawei (phone,) Google, Elance, Monster, MS Word — all of us working within the comfy confines of the entire dictionary.com suite.

Still, got advice on structure? Post it please.

Til tomorrow.