It’s Day 6 already. Shouldn’t I already be sitting on a beach somewhere in Fiji, pontificating about how my book of short stories has already been picked up by some renowned publisher, is already on the New York Times bestseller list, and how my name is already known around the world and on the eastside of Jupiter??? (The minorities there would LOVE my stuff.) Charlotte Moore. Charlotte Moooooore. Chaaaaarlotte Moooore. Italics and elongated vowel verbalizations. Yes! That’s what all should be happening by Day 6.


Today I sent out about 10 e-mails (around 73 too few.) I got one response, though. And it was positively awesome! I early voted (Go Mitt and binders full of 47% of women who have been legitimately raped by Big Bird!!! Kidding.) I took a nap, I went shopping at H-E-B for foodstuffs (including strawberry waffles {for Lenovo} and Hoisen sauce for my Ramen noodles, yes!,) I got a couple of movies out of the Redbox, and am now thinking about how I will push it tomorrow. Is it Friday already? Am I a wealthy, 50-Shades-Of-Grey-esque published author already? Am I a Dietrich Mateschitz-style, entrepreneurial billionaire already???

No. Close, however.

Sorry to disappoint. Give me a few more weeks.

Til tomorrow!