Honestly, days 9 and 10 are a blur. A blur (NOT because I was feverishly working on any one of my books destined to hit the NY Times Bestseller list. ARGH! No, a blur) because that’s how life is. One day easily weaves into the other. Some highlights from the last three days:

  • Hypnotherapy. Yes, for particular personal reasons, I went under the slicer of subconscious thought and so far it appears I came out unscathed. (Just nobody say the word “dragoon” in my presence, please.) Once I’ve completed my sessions, I will share my successes!
  • BJ’s Brewhouse lunch: I have a large family on both sides. But, growing up primarily with my Mom, there are so many people on my Dad’s side of the family with whom I’m not that familiar. Totally workable: Get familiar with them! I had the most amazing lunch at BJ’s with about eight cousins — some of the most powerful, funny and beautiful women in the Austin-Metro area. We think it was our waiter’s first day, though. While quite pleasant, he was fumbly and possibly deaf or color blind (the lemon drop martini one of us ordered was red.)
  • ChingoZine 2: Chingos of Death Release Party: Latino/as know how to throw a party! Think backyard shindig in Central/East Austin with a DJ, a trough of some sort of mixed tequila brew, a piñata, a continual projection of blaxploitation film clips on a 450,000-inch screen, and apparently very cool and tolerant neighbors all to promote a publication of collected works by artists of Latin American descent. Look it up. ChingoZine.
  • Collaboration with Chris: Budding chef to the stars, Christopher Tjan and I are combining our talents to create what we fully expect will by November 23rd be a billion-dollar business. We’re working out the kinks, but see some of Chris’ Healthy Creations by clicking here: Chris’ Healthy Creations. (If you’re not my FB friend, where have you been?! Friend me, you fool!)
  • New Charlotte project: And yes, of course, I’ve been steadily working, working, working to rack up some freelance writing jobs. I’ll admit, I don’t think I’ve fully settled in to this self-employment idea. (Maaaama, I scaaaared!) Having those billions roll in by November 23rd will certainly ease my mind a bit. But for now, I’m chugging along, ever certain that true “delightenment” won’t come by playing it safe.
Til next time!