Cross over children. All are welcome. All welcome. Go into the Light. There is peace and serenity in the Light. — Tangina, “Poltergeist.”

Remember all that “go into the light” business from Poltergeist? What a great movie. Poor Carol Anne. At first people were all, “Go into the light, girl!” then they were all, “Run from the light, girl!” only to start up yelling again “Girl, you better get your butt into the light!” Loud crashes and tennis balls whizzing by and lightning sparks. Had to be horribly frustrating. And, what was Carol Anne, like, 3 years old? Geez!

Typically, though, the idea of going into the light is a good one. There’s peace and serenity in there. The light is usually bright and one might understandably be moved to turn away from it…because it’s so bright. And, usually, that light is so bright you cannot see what lies beyond it. We’re typically conditioned to not willingly walk into something if we don’t know what’s waiting. The boogeyman might be in there!

Of course, I mean all that metaphorically. Literal into the light walking doesn’t happen all that much except in movies. And yes, it did happen for Karl Rove walking out of his dark hotel room Wednesday morning. You know he was not feeling that!

Three weeks ago today was the first day after I walked into one of my life’s lights. Quitting my job. Walking away from a stable salary. Not really knowing what waited for me on the other side of that. But going into it anyway because the alternative was to remain in a personal place of darkness. Walking into that light has led me to a whole new realm. It was good for me to go to there.

On the other side of that light, now, I see. My world is bigger. My scope is broader. My dreams are actually graspable! And, truly amazing things are happening which perhaps may not have had I continued to shy away from that light (more on that to come later…)

Carol Anne did eventually go through her light…bringing a bunch of cherry Jello with her. Personally, I hate Jello and would prefer a flood of Ferrero Rocher chocolate balls bounce through with me, but…all ended well and everybody’s good to go (no need to talk sequels.)

Walk into your lights.

Til next time!