People who know me well might agree that my life can sometimes be a little like a falling down house. A few holes where shingles used to be, a futon on the porch, and a Christmas tree poking out of the chimney top. Not a dilapidated house, you see? Just a little budged off its core. Shifted off its groundwork. Otherwise, the house is perfectly…Ooooh, I wouldn’t light a match in the parlour!…quaint.

I go through spurts and flutters, fits and starts. Which hasn’t served me well over my years. Now, without a 9-to-5 routine to keep me partly in check, I need structure.

So, I already know you’re gonna wonder how I can afford a professional creativity, business and life coach when I don’t even have a job. So, yes, I’m working with this professional creativity, business and life coach who’s showing me how to go about putting the pieces of my life’s little falling down house back together again. I spent most of today organizing what I’m realizing are these truly worthy tasks of mine that weave the threads of my world together. I’ve never really recognized before how much value lies in the movements I make. Yeah, you wit wad. I said movement. Hee Hee. That’s funny. But, I’m learning my movements are less like all that crap I’ve always got to do and more like…music.

All ye lads and lasses, grab ye sheep, ye ale and ye folding chairs! Gather ’round and give an open ear to the rhapsody that is New Charlotte’s 5th Movement!

Alright, really? Really? I’m the only one laughing here?

So, long blog short, I did a lot of organizing today, scheduled some tasks, and plotted some paths. The coaching is absolutely helping and might have my falling down house life standing a bit straighter in no time.

Only, I plan to keep the futon on the porch.

Til next time!