It’s a powerful thing when you can create delightenment in your life.

When you can create delightenment in someone else’s life? Perfection. Paradise. I imagine that’s like opening a portal through which you can walk and actually feel nirvana permeating your being. The tingle, indescribable. An as yet unconceived sort of joy.

Too Buddhy?

Ok, think about how your mouth felt the first time you filled it with Pop Rocks. Yeah? Yeah? Remember that? Awww yeah! It’s like comparing an orgasm to a sneeze, but, at least we’re jibing on the elemental nuance.

I just saw Lincoln at the cinema. Beautiful film. Absolutely amazing acting. But I’m moved even more by Spielberg’s manufacture of the man beyond the man who freed the slaves. The man beyond the man with the height, the hat, the wart and the LOVE/HATE knuckle tats. For a woman like myself who’s heard a lot about Lincoln but never really delved to any remarkable depth into his life, the movie was a real education. I hope it’s all pretty consistent with what really happened. Even the part when Lincoln and this one freed slave are sitting at a bar and Lincoln admits he has no black friends and … oh wait, never mind, wrong show.

Without giving away too much of the outcome of the film — a clichéd but droll joke I posted on Facebook which landed with resounding and slightly embarrassing confirmation that some of my friends wouldn’t hesitate to benevolently explain to me that Lincoln was shot after seeing through the passing of the Thirteenth Amendment — President Lincoln was a badass pillar of morality. A right-e-ous pimp.

My movie buddy informed me that he (Lincoln) also irrationally obsessed over a lost young love and was prone to depression, but who hasn’t and isn’t?

My point here is that Lincoln, I whole-heartedly believe, was a man with this  congenital capacity to create delightenment. Not for himself, but for others. And at the end of the movie, I just wanted to…I don’t know…tickle the president’s belly and play a mutually satisfying game of Catch Me If You Can with his cane.

Thank you, Lincoln. Now, while creating my delightenment, I’ll be looking for ways to foster it in others. Because you made it seem like one of the best things in the world anyone could do. And because I want my Pop Rocks and paradise.

Til next time!