I’m about six weeks into my delightenment-creating project. And guess what? Little delightenment buds are sprouting up all over my world! Simple little things. Little happenings and occurrences that may mean nothing to you. But which drastically shift the way my world spins on its axis.

  • That first, spicy sip of an Old Fashioned.
  • Seeing my byline in print after a long while.
  • Driving a hilly road on highway 620 toward a marvelous golden setting sun.
  • Guessing incorrectly that the “GF” before “Sweet Potatoes” on the menu at The Cove in San Antonio stands for grass-fed—and laughing about it with a friend over a shared scoop of ice cream.
  • Unapologetic Facebook stalking and bravely clicking “Like.”
  • Answering the phone, “Charlotte Moore, writer.”
  • Seeing someone you love after two weeks of absence—and touching his cheek. Wow.
  • Making stars in the midnight sky shine brighter in presidential suites.

I am seeing delightenment in so many places these days. And more is in store—buds of beginnings leading to grand, sweeping, jaw-dropping, flowers of continuous being.

What does your delightenment look like?

Til next time!