It’s hard for me to believe I’m more than seven weeks into my delightenment creating project. Where has the time gone? And as I think back on my personal and professional performance over these past few weeks, I’m only slightly impressed.

A lot of fairly deep stuff has happened in my world recently: I quit an old unfulfilling job, started an amazing new one, attended a forum that transformed my life then failed to put what I learned into action then embraced my transformation for the gift it was, stopped smoking, started smoking again, stopped smoking, started smoking again, for the first time ever fell completely in love, then fell deeper, got treated like a princess, got disappointed, got hurt, got mad and lost, chose not to watch him fly away, started this phenomenal blog and…whew!…came dangerously close to participating in what would have no doubt been a mind-blowing but disastrous ménage à trois.

Very much of all that does not a life filled with delightenment make!

So, I’m recharging my battery. I’m going within to revive that spirit of progress and possibility I felt when I began this blog. These seven weeks—the last six months—have flown by, pulling me along as a boat would a wakeboarder.

And I don’t wakeboard.

In fact, I don’t participate in most water sports because I can’t swim and to get into deep water hanging onto a line attached to a boat going 20 miles per hour would probably result in an untimely and anti-delightenment death.

I don’t wakeboard. But I can drive the boat! You know what? Since I don’t swim, I’m gonna switch my analogy up. I can pilot…nope. I will shepherd…no, wait. I’m outstripping…yes!…I’m like a participant in a ménage à trois—nay, a full out orgy—outstripping all the other ladies in the room, leading the way, charging full speed ahead and okay I’ll stop.

I’m reviving my intent to create delightenment in my life.

I hope you’ll stay along for the ride.

Til next time!