Some day, yeah, we’ll put it together and we’ll get it all done.
Some day, when your head is much lighter.
Some day, yeah, we’ll walk in the rays of a beautiful sun.
Some day, when the world is much brighter.

Those are some of the hopeful lyrics from The Five Stairsteps’ popular ’70s song, Ooh Child. Remember them? Of course you do. I do. We sang the lyrics. Over and over again.

The simple song soothes us with repeated promises of better days to come when things will be so much easier. Some day.

My daughter and I woke up early this morning. She had to be at work at 6 a.m. and I didn’t mind taking her. But, like most people, when the alarm goes off and the sky is yet dark and the mind is groggy with sleep, I tend to snooze and moan and silently gripe and ask why. Why why why is it already time to slay this dragon all over again? I just want to sleep. Sleep. Sleep.

But this Monday morning, I’m wide awake and torn up. I’m torn up about our world. The violence. The disease. The sadness. The gloom and doom of an existence through which we continue to covertly maneuver, tolerating some of the very worst acts of inhumanity. Meanwhile, Brother against Brother has spread wide and deep like a vicious cancer stirring Heart against Heart. Soul against Soul. Evil working its power through unseen circuits and wires. Steadily. Snuffing. Out. The. Light.

And we soldier on, hoping and praying that some day, some how, some way things will get easier.

But, there is a power that is greater, yes? I sense it. I feel it. I’m learning that all that time I spend asking why could be better spent joining the forces that shout why not. This morning I woke up torn up but also getting that the Universe has given me another waking moment. So many of us did not get this moment. This moment. And I’m grateful for it. Another moment to be and to be part of what’s creating (de)light(enment) in the world to shine on the lost moments and lost hearts and lost souls. Not some day. But today.

Fear had me worry this morning when I dropped my daughter off. She’s 20 years old. That doesn’t matter. She’s my child. Keep her safe. Keep her well. Keep her warm and in the care of love, I found myself thinking. But fear, itself, is an enemy and won’t do any of us any real good.

So I close my eyes and I think on love. I think on how I can love today in a way that brings purpose and power to those I touch–on how I can bring love to myself, even. I try to think of it not as slaying dragons but flying with them. Together. In peace and in fiery, passionate love.

Someday may as well be today. Because our world is showing us that someday may not come. Perhaps, together, if we focus our efforts on this day we can thwart the evil and kill the cancer now.

Create delightenment today for yourself and someone else.

Til next time. xoxo.