Little morsels of delight that brighten and lighten are everywhere if you look for them. And I’ve found they spring up just when I need them.

For instance, on Friday night past, some might say I acted a plum fool at my company Christmas party. Some might say that. Not everybody. And I wouldn’t say that. Some people’s foolhardiness is other people’s conviviality—you know, break dancing in a red dress in one stiletto while balancing a full glass of merlot in your right hand and lip-grasping a lit cigarette. Good times, good times.

So, it wasn’t until I got to my apartment complex when I somehow tripped in the dark over some mammoth boulder in my way, fell down, and broke my eyeglasses.

It happens to us all.

Thankfully, it was a clean break; the frame broke where the screw connects the eye piece to the ear piece. And, beyond a little scratch above my eye the only real bruise was to my pride. (Note to self: More merlot! That way you see TWO big rocks and can squeeze between them thereby diverting catastrophe.)

Anyway, the delight part: Today, I took my glasses to the eyeglasses shop at Barton Creek Square Mall in South Austin and explained to the eyeglasses specialist what happened. He smiled, said he completely understood, how it happens to everybody, and fixed me right up! I expected him to simply screw the frame back together. He strolled over to the eyeglasses display, picked out a brand new identical frame, and had me wait while he worked his magic. I find pure delight in that! A person’s willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty for a stranger. A small gesture that goes a very long way.

It also delights me that it wasn’t until after I’d gotten my glasses fixed, purchased a Mango/Peach smoothie and left the mall that there were reports of a man with a gun somewhere on the premises. No lie. I’d call that another delight!

They just keep coming.

(And fortunately, the reports of the mall gunman were a false alarm.)

Til next time!