The opposite of delightenment might be griefuddledaze. Or sorry-gret. Or just plain old disheartenment. That “let down” feeling. Loss and guilt. It’s what my esteemed scientist friends have come to refer to as the blech effect.

Perhaps it is that to fully bask in the glow of delightenment, one must have some sense of sorrow. To completely appreciate the spangle, rush and lift of delightenment, one has to ‘melancholy up’ every now and again.

To know love is to know pain.

Well…I call a big pile of hot bullshit on all that.

I’ve fallen into a bit of distress. One of my sweet uncles died, my daughter’s moving away, and a perfectly beautiful and showy news article I wrote full of verve and grandeur and pizazz got unceremoniously edited down to the point of a writ.

I call bullshit.

But, that’s me making that call—succumbing to old Charlotte’s old familiar brand of sadness and gloom.

I thought I chose to get a new groove?

My uncle lived a long and fruitful life filled with love, song, family, faith and laughter. My daughter is heading off to Texas State University to embark upon a new phase and to taste the wonderful freedom that comes with growing up. And honestly, in that article I wrote, I think I used the words gastrointestinal, mercurial and aphoristicality. I used that last word twice.

The story was about State Highway 71.

New Charlotte is human. She will have some less-than-stellar moments. But she will not plummet into the realm of remorse-a-funk.

She will choose to call bullshit on unnecessary woe and she will rise and shine and laugh and share and plan her next big move!

Which, you should know, is already in motion. Big move. BIG. Huge and wonderful!

I’ll tell you about it. Next time!