“Body found in cabin may be Christopher Dorner.”

That exquisitely-crafted sentence comes from CNN — one of the most widely accepted news organizations of our time. It may be Dorner. Which implies it also may not be Dorner. We’ll just cover all our bases; cover the whole gamut of factual possibilities. It reminds me of that line from The Color Purple. I believe when poor, transformed Celie provocatively asks Mister, “Any more letters come?” He says with a certain diseased vitriol, “Could be. Could be not. Who’s to say?”

A-hole. Danny Glover played the hell out of that role. Mister was a phlegmy mess.

So, CNN reports the body in the cabin may be that of Dorner. Boy, since I left the television news scene, the quality of communication has quickly taken a downward turn! And still, I’ve found myself glued to the Internet, riveted by the story of this good guy gone gauche, wanting to know where he is? What’s his next move? Why now? What’s his neck size? How many donut holes could he eat at one sitting? And, every time I go to cnn.com or latimes.com or nbclosangeles.com and snarf down the latest horrific Dorner-related event, I’m deflated just a little bit by the realization that I’m so easily twisted by the tug of something so opposite of the kind of enlightened delight I seek. And not only that, but I’m reduced to criticizing writers who cannot gratify me instantly with definite Dorner — charred or otherwise — whereabouts or who use the word refutation — which, albeit a valid word, just sounds reachy and rookie pompous to me.

Dorner’s debacle does not bring delightenment! And if one more person posts a manifesto…in fact, that word — manifesto — is beginning to irk me. Man-i-fest-o. It’s like a slapstick carnival buzzword now. Or, it reminds me of a weird mix of mani-pedi and pine nut pesto. Just useless, wacky-wonky wordage being tossed about willy-nilly here and there with very little of it making any sort of real sense.

Quite possibly like this particular blog post.

I suppose I’m accepting that not all of our life collective will always be about creating delightenment. But, perhaps in my own little space, I can continue my attempt at rising up to the challenge of creating my own delightenment despite the decisions of the Dorners of the day. I can say with amazed certainty I am living a life right now I did not know was available to me one year ago — small transformations evolutionary only for me though they may be. I can see that each move I make at any given moment lays a certain foundation for the next moment. Moves which could lead ultimately to a blaze in Big Bear…or not.

Who’s to say?

Seriously. Who’s to say? Why, I think that would be for me to say.

Til next time!