Today was my first day as a bookseller at The Boulder Bookstore. Several of the employees have worked there for more than 20 years! One of them took me on a tour of this magical kingdom. It would take me four blog posts to describe everything I felt walking through the store, inhaling the smell of bestsellers and recommended reads, standing in the middle of the historic ballroom where the likes of Ernest Hemingway, Sylvia Plath and James Joyce once performed pieces of their writings–in word, song and then-contemporary dance–before crowds of rapt literary fiends.

Whatever, just keep reading…

My words would fail to do the tour experience justice so I shall refrain from even making the attempt.

Please, hold your applause.

But, if I could very quickly mention two of the less memorable but whole-hoggedly blogworthy moments of the tour… #1 when my charming, genial, good-natured new manager introduced me to the Adult Books section of the shop with something like a quick and muted “This is the adult book section of our shop,” it took everything in me not to ask, “And how many of the The Big Butt Books do you actually sell in, say, a month’s time?” I was good! I just followed him away from the corner uttering only a barely audible “I’ll be back.” And #2, I laughed out loud when the manager–showing me around the self-help/lifestyle/DIY area–explained with a natural sort of flair, “Here are our books about love and dating, and next to those right here are the books about weddings and marriage, then moving right along down here are the books about divorce.” Chomsky help him, he didn’t miss a beat.

It was a two-hour tour. A two-hour tour. And I loved every delicious moment of it. Some might wonder why I left a sweet, fun, good-paying, promising job as a television news producer only to wind up working in a bookstore. To them, I say…well…not much. Except read this: Creating Delightenment: Day 0. And this: Why I Left News. And this: The Boulder Bookstore. And know that I am, above all, a passionate self-employed writer and soon-to-be published author who has successfully crafted a work-world in which she is surrounded by books. Glorious books.

Not only does that sound like delightenment being created. It feels like it.

Til next time!

Butt book