Doubt, fear and missteps have recently caused me to ask myself if I made a serious mistake quitting a full-time job with benefits to pursue a more satisfying career in writing.

Well, ask and ye shall receive! Answers are hurtling at a rapid pace with sharp aim right toward the bridge of my nose.

A Facebook friend posted this over the weekend:

“A year ago, I left my job with the steady income, benefits, and vacation time. I was miserable there because I wasn’t doing what I loved. It’s never too late to start over and yes it’s hard as hell, but it’s so worth it. Have the courage to follow your dreams!”

The post was accompanied by a simple photo of my friend sporting the smooth, confident smile of the transformed.

Then, I read this: 10 More Reasons You Need To Quit Your Job Right Now by James Altucher.

My resolve has been bolstered anew.

Twenty-three weeks into my true purposing and I find myself languishing in defeat brought on by doubts, fears, old habits, stinking thinking and all too familiar tendencies to throw in the tear-soaked towel.

Game on. It’s time to move some mountains.

Today is for reorganizing my plan of attack, following up on assignment possibilities, making phone calls, returning e-mails, working my mojo and giving New Charlotte the support she’s earned.

Someone out there is about to hit the jackpot, baby, and win the chance to work with all of this!

Oh yes. This just got good.