Finally! It appears I’m making progress! Whew!!!

I’ve been commissioned to write a full 10-page feature article for this amazing magazine called Camelot which “inspires creative thought and connects women through science, history, business, music, stories, technology and art.” How fansplendous is that???


Wait, what? What? 

Oh yes, sorry — my business-minded identity is reminding me that the assignment is for a prototype and will pay only in byline pride and future potential.

Still, this feels like progress!


I’m also working on a couple of indie movie reviews for an alternative “online culture guide that showcases innovative artists in all mediums and lists arts- and community-based events around town that are always interesting, sometimes free, and rarely sold out.”

… … …

Yeah, I actually have very little idea what’s happening here. But it looks cool, the editors are funny and it’s called Alt Citizen. What an excellent name for a publication! Rad, man! Gnarly!!!

And, again, Sybil is reminding me, this one doesn’t pay either.

In my corporation as a self-employed writer, my payroll department kinda sucks.

But, I undersell my success! I’m currently in talks with both (I can’t say yet) and (I can’t say yet) about a couple of exciting projects. Isn’t that impressive?!? I’ll be writing about (can’t say) and (can’t say) and actually exercising my strengths in (can’t say) to the degree that I could very well be catapulted into full-blown, never-before-seen (can’t say)!!!

Ahhh, it feels so good to share these professional victories!

As for my Camelot and Alt Citizen assignments, I’d probably better stop blogging and get to them. The image below of the creative process is as hilarious as it is spot-on. I’m right around the end of the gold part.


My emotional identity other, Marcia, is out buying a box of Puffs as we speak.

Til next time!