Bus Blogging.

If you’ve never heard of it, you are frighteningly behind the times.

Bus blogging: Crafting blog entries from the interior of a fully operational city bus. No, really. It’s the new thing. So, if you’re blogging from the driver’s seat of your Lexus, impressive! But, stop immediately! That’s now officially passé and dangerously tantamount to driving a Lexus while intoxicated! Blogging on planes and trains, are you? No big woop. Fewer stops. Maybe mild turbulence. Son, that’s amateur.

Bus blogging is only for the grown and sexy—the few, the proud, the courageous blogger who can absorb a really bumpy shock and turn it into something spectacular!

It’s the latest turn along my journey through delightenment. I woke up this morning, Facebooked over a peanut butter sandwich and hazelnut coffee, then I hopped on my Schwinn Skyliner and biked the two miles to the nearest CapMetro bus stop. Once downtown, more cycling ensued!

My family is starting to think I’m cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. They might be right.

This is new to me. There was that phase when I was working at the television news station. My car got repossessed (I told you it broke down) and then all of a sudden I got “environmentally conscious” and started cycling to work. It didn’t last long. Soon after, I got a PT Cruiser and chalked that whole cycling thing up to a little tango with temporary insanity. Even now, part of me believes it takes a certain kind of crazy to straddle a bike and go wheel-to-wheel down the road with SUVs, 500-horsepower Mustangs driven by C-average college students, and garbage trucks. (That garbage truck almost hit me, by the way! Totally my fault.)

But, a blogger does what a blogger has got to do. And she doesn’t look back! (Which would explain the garbage truck scare, I guess…but, pedaling along.)

Today’s bus & bike trip took me to downtown Austin where I met up with a friend with whom I’m developing a book. Yes, I said a book, which is definitely worth a bus & bike. If you know me at all, you know my dream is to pull a big-time David Sedarisian coup – gain fame and fortune as a (who said overrated???) writer, live in Paris with my lover man, and eat chocolate croissants all day.

Well, folks, it’s happening. More and more everyday, I’m really learning how to create my delightenment. And this week, right here is where it starts. On the #3 to Congress and 6th.

Oooh, that’s my stop. Ding!

Til next time!