Here’s the unsolicited score on my favorite blossom — The Sunflower.

According to Wikipedia, the sunflower is the state flower of Kansas and the national flower of the Ukraine. It was used in the 19th century as the symbol of the Aesthetic Movement. It’s also the symbol of the Vegan Society.

According to, the sunflower symbolizes everything from healing and nourishment to magic and a spiritual knowing.

And in Chinese symbolism, sunflowers represent longevity and happiness.

Your curriculum vitae is not even half as good; pretty impressive for a freaking flower.

Here’s how one would write the word “sunflower” in Chinese:

Good stuff, that, what with all the grass radicals and falling strokes. (?????)

And here, take a moment to view some make-your-skin-crawl-but-mesmerizingly-fascinating sunflower growth time lapse video set to irritatingly-sappy-yet-singularly-fitting elevator-in-E.T. the Extra Terrestrial music.

(For my purposes here, I ask that you disregard the part of the presentation when they shrivel up and die. I’ve no idea what that’s all about, not to mention it’s antithetical to my carefully crafted observation.)

I introduce the subject of the sunflower simply because where I sit writing at this very moment, I can see right out the window, swaying gently in the June breeze, a most spectacular flourish of 3-feet-high wild sunflowers.

And they represent, for me, where I see myself and my life. For the first time. Ever.

This idea of creating delightenment is no joke. It’s as real as those yellow beauties out the window. And it’s simple! Just look at what the sunflowers do. Sunflowers naturally desire to turn toward the sun — to turn toward and open themselves up to and soak the soup out of that which gives them life. Which, apparently, is a concept that stupefies the masses:

Why the hell would I want to turn toward that which gives me life? Hmmm…very peculiar…

Indeed, it is the most clear and present option there is.

Today, I am likening my ongoing New Charlotte delightenment creating project to a sunflower turning its face toward the warmth of the sun. The simple shift is yielding marvelous results.

I love posting in this blog. How incredible it is to have Creating Delightenment through which I can exercise my fiercest passion! And to my two wonderfully supportive fans I’m making a promise to blog at least once a week from here on out to share details of all the astounding progress I’m making — and hurdles into which I’m crashing — in my various worlds of work, play, love and, yes, that dank, forlorn little realm I still find myself visiting on occasion called “The Land of Old Char.” We all have that place. Where very little sunlight gets through.

Some people will live and die there. But, they don’t have to.

I won’t. It’s so much more golden-soused and pure and luscious and abundant up out of all that.

Do what the sunflowers do!

Til next time.