If you want to know me — really know me, I mean — if you want to get a real well-rounded idea of what I’m about, what I want to give off, who I want to authentically be to my very core, then listen to the lyrics of Earth, Wind & Fire’s 1970s hit song, Fantasy.

Now, if you don’t know who Earth, Wind & Fire is…don’t tell nobody. But, if you are that person, do not, I repeat, do NOT jump over to Youtube and start willy-nilly looking up old Earth, Wind & Fire videos right away because you will scream. You will scream out loud. And then, when you finish screaming, you might laugh. You might laugh at their headbands and their afros and their tight, shiny, tassled leggings and their bare chests and their neckerchiefs and that one guy singing Maria Callas-caliber soprano.

But when you get through screaming and laughing, you’d better recognize that those cats were some of the fiercest, flyest, sickest, most talented cats to ever mix words and music. They were untouchable back in the day. They are untouchable today. Synthesized supremacy. I hadn’t forgotten about the band and its music. But, all the neo-noise of this generation does sometimes tend to drown out the magic of the classically pure rock and roll funk.

Last week, a friend who’s moving to Oregon and getting rid of stuff gave me an old Earth, Wind & Fire 2-CD set which I promptly opened and began listening to in the car. All those priceless numbers: Reasons, Let’s Groove, Shining Star, September, Serpentine Fire…my God! It’s enough to make you pull out your portable flashing red police light with the electric horn, slap that booger up on the top of your Toyota, push it to 110 mphs on the Southbound frontage road of I-35 right around 8th Street and dare a cop to try and stop your supernatural flow.

That’s the power of Earth, Wind & Fire.

Fortunately for five-0, I had left my portable light on the pew of the synagogue where my friends just had their newborn son’s bris, so I had to be content with swaying to the music in the driver’s seat, singing along, and crying every so often.

Especially to Fantasy. Check this out:

As you stay for the play/Fantasy has in store for you/A glowing light will see you through/It’s your day, shining day, all your dreams come true


As you glide in your stride/With the wind, as you fly away/Give a smile, from your lips and say/I am free, yes I’m free, now I’m on my way.

That is the power of Earth, Wind & Fire.

If you want to truly know me — I mean, really know what I’m about, what I want to give off, who I am authentically striving to be — listen to the lyrics of Fantasy.

Til next time!